I’m home.

Home as in Melbourne, Australia. How crazy is that?! Today I got the email I’ve been waiting for.

My day started off pretty normal and when I checked my emails in the morning there was one from the migration agent (he’s the one who has been dealing with all my paperwork). His email said that two-thirds of the paperwork had been approved and that only my documents were waiting to be approved. I sent an email back asking how long could that take and his response was “hopefully soon” as Immigration’s timelines can fluctuate.

Soon. Ugh! That word can mean anything!! So I had a little laugh with one of my colleagues about that and prepared myself to wait another few weeks.

Well in this situation ‘soon’ was 40 minutes later…


He was just as shocked as I was. LOL! I had a little cry. Obviously I was very happy but upon reflection over the last eight months of uncertainty and coming here 20ish months ago I was a bit overwhelmed.

What have I learned?

  • God is faithful. Like crazy faithful. He told me two years ago that I was going to come to Australia to work and didn’t give an indication that this was a short-term trip. So upon hearing that I sold everything, left with less than $2000 in the bank, didn’t know anyone and trusted for the best. My life is so full with amazing people and amazing testimonies of how God has come through and my life gets to be on display to show Him off.
  • His ways are much better than mine. I cannot tell you how many times I tried to “make things happen” while I was here and it never worked! LOL! I had to get to a point and say (and mean it) Lord, your will not mine. I asked to be used in whatever capacity He wanted to use me and I would let go of whatever I thought my life should look like. I said that knowing whatever was ahead for my life would be so much more fulfilling (maybe not in the ’world’s’ eyes but I wasn’t concerned about that). On the plus side I get to tell people about how awesome He is wherever I am.
  • In the middle of the tough times it’s really hard to keep the faith and trust that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. However, if you’re in relationship with God you can rest assured that there is a purpose to everything going on and that you’ll get revelation in due time. I haven’t had a pay cheque in more than eight months and there were A LOT of times I questioned what I was doing and where I was supposed to be. Heck, the last time I was in Auckland I literally sat and sifted through the bananas to find the skinniest one because I had less than $6 to spend on food over a few days. I remember going back and sitting and praying and just saying “God, I don’t understand this season I’m in right now, but I trust you.” I learned more about Him and what actually being in relationship with God look like during that time.
  • He’s completely trustworthy. Through the good and the bad He’s never left my side. My circumstances might not make sense at times but I couldn’t imagine leaving my life up to random chance or having to do good things so good things can happen to me. I have the best foundation (the Bible) to lean on for guidance and wisdom and it hasn’t failed me.

People will put different words to try and explain my situation: karma, serendipity, the universe. Nah, its Jesus. I’m loving learning more about Him through the good but especially the tough times.

I’m so excited. SO EXCITED! Melbourne is officially home.

Did I mention I was excited!!! AHHHHH!

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