The delay has been intentional (Part 2)

So my interview was scheduled for Jan 5 and honestly I was pretty nervous going into it. No matter how much I tried to give my fears and anxiety over to God I just couldn’t relax. Anyway, I prepped as much as I could, got ready and showed up to my interview just before 10 a.m. and the executive director had called in sick.







My interview wasn’t in his calendar so no one called me ahead of time to let me know. The person I spoke to apologised profusely and said that someone else in senior management would give me a call to follow up with me. So I spoke with her about an hour later and we had an excellent conversation so I was happy to build a rapport with her  The executive director called me later on that afternoon and was very apologetic and said he would be in touch to reschedule.  The recruiter mentioned previously that he was Canadian so it was nice to chat with a fellow Canuck! I’m thinking…this has to work in my favour. LOL!

It was interesting because now I was being put back in the mix of candidates. I had to submit a cover letter and address the key selection criteria (which is a separate document addressing how you meet all the needs set out by the organisation). That’s what you have to do before you get an interview but I had bypassed that because the recruiter set up the interview. I was a bit annoyed to have to go through the process again but that’s OK. I told myself I’d just keep trusting God. Then they told me that they would get back to me once they short list all the candidates! Ugh! I was already scheduled for an interview so I should have already made the shortlist but I just did what I had to do and waited.

A week went by and then they emailed me back saying that I had been shortlisted! In preparation for my panel interview, I had to come prepared to discuss how they can better use their social media platforms (website, Twitter, Facebook etc.). I had a week to prepare something so I created a 15-page report (because I can’t do a half-job of anything, LOL). Besides the executive director (Brent), I didn’t know who else was going to be on the panel so I just did as much research as I could on him so I could gauge his personality. I was watching an interview that he did for World AIDS Conference back in 2014 and he was talking to the journalists about being from a really cold, mid-sized city in Canada. I was drinking my tea when he said he was from Edmonton (and then I spat it out in shock) and couldn’t stop laughing. Coincidence? I think not!

As I was getting ready for the real interview on Jan 21, the difference in me was like night and day. I was not nervous and I had so much peace about the role. I knew God this situation under control regardless what happened. We went the full hour for the interview and I think they were all pleasantly surprised when I had a solid list of questions for them at the end :D.  The interview went as well as it could but I couldn’t tell if I got the job. Either way, I was happy with how I presented myself and I was told that I should have an answer the following week.

On my way home form the interview I got a call from the Brent and he said that I had been shortlisted to the final two! What he needed from me was my references and then I had to complete an emotional intelligence test. Based on my results from that and my reference checks they would make their final decision. So I completed the test that evening and aced it! I messaged all my references to let them know that they could be getting a phone call as early as the next day. Then it was the waiting game….

Check out part three for the conclusion of my crazy journey!

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