The delay has been intentional (Part 1)

IMG_0343Why hello! 😀

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you’re probably wondering where in the world am I?  My last encounter with immigration wasn’t pretty but God worked a miracle and I was let back into Australia under the condition that I would have to leave the country or be on a different visa by March 19. The only other visa I could qualify for was a working visa which means I would have to find an organisation to sponsor me.  Finding a job, let alone an organisation to sponsor me, has not been an easy task.

Just to recap: I’ve been off of work since July 31. Yup, that was the last time I saw a pay cheque. I’ve been applying for jobs since September then and out of the probably 90+ jobs I applied for I got two call backs. So the job front wasn’t looking promising.

Anyway, I was in prayer on November 9 (the date is important) and when I finished I looked at my phone and it was 10:10. Now, I’ve been seeing double/triple numbers quite a bit (that’s another story) but I haven’t really been paying attention to them as of late.  But in that moment I knew God was telling me to pay attention. So I grabbed my bible and started doing some research on the significance of the number 10 in the bible. What I found repeatedly was the meaning “journey, wilderness, law, government and responsibility.” The particular article I was reading referenced Exodus 34:28 which says:

“Moses was there with the Lord for 40 days and 40 nights without eating bread or drinking water. And he wrote the words of the convent – the Ten Commandments.”

As I was reading that the number 40 jumped out at me. I’ve read this passage before but it was different this time around. So I decided to look through all the books in the bible and read the 10th chapter and the 10th verse to find any kind of correlation. I just kept talking to God and was like if you’re going to speak do it now, I’m going down this little rabbit hole. LOL! I didn’t expect to find anything but then I read this passage in Deuteronomy 10: 10:

“Now I had stayed on the mountain forty days and forty nights, as I did the first time, and the LORD listened to me at this time also…”

Again, the number 40 jumped out at me. I didn’t know what to think so I decided to make a note 40 days from that date which was December 18. I felt like there was going to be breakthrough on that date but my scepticism was telling me not to hold my breath. But I made a note anyway and forgot about it.

Fast-forward to Auckland…While I was there (December 16 to be specific) I was having some alone time with God and just looking at the reality of my circumstances (no money, no job, and no direction) and recommitted myself to whatever God wants for me. A scary prayer indeed!  I was looking though my calendar and I made a note back in November about December 18 and the caption was “somethings got to give”. So I laid that down again and said “God, I really believe you were trying to get my attention that night so I’m going to pay attention to my circumstances on the 18th.” I didn’t know what I was looking for but I was just going to try and be more aware.

Shortly afterwards I checked my Facebook and I had a message from the recruiter who placed me at Monash University. He’s been trying to place me for the last few months but all the jobs weren’t willing to sponsor. His message was brief and he said that he has a job for me and to give him a call. I responded back reminding him that unless it was a sponsored job I was not able to take it. I was pretty surprised when he said that it was potentially a sponsored job! So we chatted an hour later on the phone and he gave me a rundown of the job. It’s exactly what I want to do which is media and communications (both internal and external). I’d be the only media/comms person so that is a little intimidating but I’d report directly to the Executive Director.  So I’m getting excited and then I ask about the organisation. The organisation is called Living Positive Victoria and they work with those who are living with HIV/AIDS.

I was a bit flabbergasted. Out of all the organisations this is the one that is willing to sponsor me. Tony told me that he would go back to the organisation and let them know I was interested and go from there. I was mulling over it in my head and I have reservations first and foremost I had zero experience in the HIV community. But I didn’t even have an interview at this point so I had to remind myself to chill out. J

Anyway, the recruiter contacted me again to say that the organisation wants to meet me, interview me and would be willing to sponsor me if I was the right candidate for the position. He send confirmation of my interview (date and time) on December 18.

 Crazy, hey?!?!

So my interview was set for Jan 5. The rest of that story will come in part two…

Stay tuned!

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