Another twist!

I’m living a life where planning is secondary and I’m just trying to be where God wants me to be.

When I arrived back from Auckland, I gave my 30-day notice on my apartment.  I won’t tell you how much money I had in the bank but it wasn’t much and I wouldn’t have been able to afford my place after another month. Even if I did find something a lot cheaper I knew my finances wouldn’t last until Christmas. As I started looking I became more discouraged. There wasn’t a lot of options in my price range and most likely would have to share with at least three other people.

I had offers from people to stay with them for a few weeks here and there but I didn’t want to keep moving week by week. If I was going to stay I needed a permanent spot but I had no idea how that was going to happen. Anyway, I didn’t let on to anyone that I really didn’t have money to rent a new place. I just continued my search and prayed about it and asked people to keep their eyes peeled for a spot for me. I love praying and just talking to God about my situation because He is listening. So when I was praying about the next place I would be living I told God that my ideal place would have my own room, my own bathroom and I wanted to live with godly people and if that could all be free (haha!) that would be great. I trust Him with that knowing that he’ll make sure I’ll have everything I need. Key word is NEED. LOL! I let God know my wants and desires and I just trust Him with that.

I didn’t expect this twist in my story. A couple from my church made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. They offered me exactly what I prayed for! I only started attending this church in March and Trevor and Bella were expecting their first baby in June so they weren’t around much leading up to the delivery to prepare for the baby. It’s fair to say that I didn’t know them that well and the first time we hung out together was when they offered me a room in their home. The only reason they did is because Bella had two dreams where God told her that their spare room was my room.

I’m sure someone is probably thinking, “A dream? Yeah right.” Let me ask you this: how many people do you know that would offer a room in their home indefinitely, free of charge, all while dealing with the challenges of a new born baby as first time parents? I’d be impressed if you even think of one name. To be honest, Trevor and Bella would not have offered had she not had those two dreams. And I believe God sometimes speaks through dreams.  Her dreams were so profound that the only thing they knew to do was to be obedient to what God asked of them.

If you’re skeptical, that’s ok. It happened and it’s the only reason I’m still here! So I’m living in the suburbs and it’s about a 50 minute train ride to the city but I’m catching up on reading and my thoughts. Haha! It’s an adjustment but so far so good! Living with them has been a breeze even with a baby! We have some amazing theological conversations and they encourage me in my journey so much just by the way they live their lives. I’m blessed. For real.

IMG_8505In other news, I’m pretty busy with events for the blog I write for (The World Loves Melbourne) and I even made it into the major newspaper



I’ve become such a foodie which is an expensive habit but there is just so much yummy food to eat here! One of my favourite is called Jimmy Grants which specialises just iIMG_8632n souvlaki’s. So yummy! Plus they put the fries (or chips as they say here in Australia) inside the wrap. Rosie and I loved the décor including the mirrors on the roof. LOL!


And I just wanted to add this picture in my Hawthorn Hawks gear. I started cheering for them when I arrived in IMG_8648Melbourne last year and they won the AFL Championship again! Now if I can send some of that to Edmonton for the Oilers I’d be a happy girl.





Until next time…

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