Happy Canada Day, Eh!

I love being Canadian.

I think I have the best of both worlds: born and raised in Canada plus my Jamaican heritage. I love sharing my Canadian culture and Jamaican culture with everyone that I meet! Some of the things I love are stereotypical Canadian: ice hockey, Tim Hortons, poutine, maple syrup to name a few. There are somethings I take for granted and they are really noticible when I’m not around Canadians. For example, I can enjoy telling my friends I’m going to Timmy’s and they’ll never ask me, “Who’s Timmy?” Or ask someone where I can buy a toque/touque and not have them look at me like I’m crazy. In those moments I just look at those non-Canadians and tell them I’m taking off with my dog sled to my igloo in the mountains. LOL!

This year, being in Melbourne, I decided to cIMG_7606elebrate Canada Day at work. I think I had way to much fun planning and organising this but I decided to host a morning tea with waffles, maple syrup and Nanaimo bars.

And yes, I m10428243_10153170930743025_8011099316025816126_oade everything from scratch. 🙂 I brought my waffle iron in, enlisted the help of my lovely co-worker Gaby to help make the batter, and I made the Nanaimo bars the night before. My other co-worker Alvin did the decorating (which I didn’t know about prior) but he brought in some Canadian flags, red and white balloons and printed off some random Canadian photos. LOL! I also had some other people bring other treats including cookies, bacon and maple syrup!

I must say, I was really happy with the outcome!



I was dressed for the occasion in my Team Canada jersey and proudly wore it all day. We also played Canadian trivia which was hilarious! I’ve decided to make the questions harder next year because everyone was answering them to quickly!  One of my favourite questions was asking what the electrical outlets in parking lots are for. It was multiple choice and the most popular answer was electric windshield defroster. Sounds legit, right?! I had the prizes shipped from Canada. It was nothing fancy just some Canadian treats: Skor, Fuzzy Peaches, Coffee Crisp and the Thrills gum (yup, the nasty soap gum but most people liked it. Weird.). I think everyone had a great time and it’s just good to take a break from the day-to-day demands of the job.

After work I met up with my Canadian friend Trevor and we joined more Canadians at The Wharf hotel in DocIMG_7619klands. They were servinIMG_7620g poutine, pulled pork sandwiches (which weren’t very good) and good old Caesars. The DJ was playing everything from Shania Twain to Drake. It was great to mingle with other Canadians and I actually new a few other people there. It was almost like home.

Sigh… now I’ll go back to dreaming of Timbits.

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