Hockey lives in Melbourne… kind of

I was able to have a piece of Canada here in Melbourne with the 2016 Canada VS USA Ice Hockey Classic. It was held at Rod Laver Arena which is quite small compared to your standard area for hockey back in North America but it was still an ice rink. The players from both Canada and the US teams weren’t household names (which was expected) but it was advertised that there were going to be some notable players at the event. This was not the case. If you never watched or followed hockey it would have been a great game to experience. For me, the skill level was not what I thought it was going to be which made it hard to really enjoy. It was disappointing considering that the last few years this event has been on people have raved about how good it was as a whole and the caliber of players was excellent (not NHL level but still pretty good). I later found out that it was put on by a different organisation that had used similar branding and event name (sneaky buggers). But I was with my friend Benny and her friend Yisha (who’s Canadian) and we still made the best of it.


I’ve been keeping really busy with a bunch of events for the food/lifestyle blog I write for. So how I got connected into this is actually through my pastor. I’ve been attending a new church for the past few months called Revolution City Church and my pastor is acIMG_7395tually the managing editor for the blog. He actually started it a few years ago but it’s really exploded in the past two years. They get quite a bit of exposure from the blog, Instagram and Twitter so they get invited to some pretty cool events. Two of my highlights recently was a new restaurant launch at Woody P located on Flinders Lane (This is the area you want to eat in if you’re ever visiting Melbourne) and an evening hosted by Yumtable and Uber called mystery dining.  My friend Donna and I were picked up by an Uber IMG_7470 IMG_7464and taken to a mystery restaurant called Bruma Lane (Also on Flinders Lane) and treated to a $300 dinner. It was so good and nice to be chauffeured around too.

On the work front, well it’s been interesting to say the least. My whole department is expanding and the publications team (which was really one other person besides me) is growing to three people and my role is becoming a permanent one. So, I may have a chance (slim one but still a chance) that I could stay and the university can sponsor me. What blows my mind is that less than two months ago the idea of me even staying at Monash was so far-fetched.  It wasn’t a possibility and I was told flat out that they university was not in a position to offer me a permanent job. I’m not saying that Monash is the be-all-end-all but it was just a reminder that when God wants something to happen, it was happen in a moment.  Not to mention, this entire trip has been God-led so I’m anticipating what adventures will be next if I don’t stay at Monash. I can’t say definitely but I have a very good feeling that I won’t be moving back to Canada in September when my visa runs out.

The adventure continues…

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