The life of a working girl

I know I’ve been waitressing and that’s been great but to switch gears so quickly and get back into the professional realm has been a bit of an adjustment. It has been just over a month that I’ve been working at Monash and it’s not entirely what I expected.

That’s not a bad thing but it’s going to require me to learn and stretch myself beyond what I’m used to. My title is publications officer and I work in the central marketing and communications department for the university. So all university-wide publications come though my team (which is myself and one other person) so it’s pretty busy. The majority of my job is project management in addition to writing, editing, sourcing content and even providing design and layout feedback. This wouldn’t be so much of a challenge if there was one or two, maybe three stakeholders per project. The current publication I’m working on has more than 25 different stakeholders. That’s more than 25 people providing feedback, edits etc. and I have to balance what they want with the overall brand for the university. For example, 10 of these stakeholders are from the individual faculties. And yes, they are all a branch of Monash (Law, Science, Pharmacy etc.), however, they are also unique in the programs they offer and the type of student they attract. I that has to be kept in mind as we think about layout, how information is organised, what kind of photos we’ll use and the type of information we will share. That’s just for the faculties. There are many other support services, clubs, etc. that also need to provide input into these documents. Trying to manage those expectations can be exhausting.

Otherwise Monash is great. I’ve meshed well with my team and I do look forward to going to work every day. They quickly Monash 2made me choose my soccer (football) team and have branded me with the Melbourne Victory scarf.  Right now my contract is only for three months. There looks like there could be a need to keep me longer but we’ll see. I can only work for them for six months so it would be great to extend my contract and hopefully sponsorship!

I’m still loving Melbourne! Although it hasn’t been as warm as past summers I’ve been able to get out and enjoy all the festivals. I recently went to ‘White Night’ which is a  music, theatre, visual art display and light show festival that ran from 7pm until 7am. We didn’t see much but even just walking around and seeing all the buildings lit up was pretty sweet. I barely made it until midnight but it was such a gorgeous evening and although there was roughly 500,000 people walking around the CBD I had a really good time.

White night 2IMG_6671White night 8

White night 1
Sea of people

I have been keeping my social calendar filled up with some of the new people I’ve met. My friend Rachel had her birthday celebration and I don’t know if you can notice in the picturRach's birthday e but we’re all soaking wet because we were dancing in the rain. I squeezed my dressed and water came pouring out. LOL! If you would have asked me at the beginning of the night if I would dance in the rain, I would have responded by saying HECK NO! I did my hair all pretty and my dress was too nice to get wet. However, it starting raining so we all went inside but the DJ was still playing music outside and it was the really good 90s R&B. So we all went and tried to fit under this little umbrella and then slowly we gave up on staying dry. Everyone must of thought we were crazy. HAHA! Another first for me living in Melbourne.

Until next time…

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