Happy New Year!!!

Why hello there 2015!

I don’t know when I turned into a grandma but I don’t like to go out on New Years. I would much rather stay home in my pj’s. Even going out to house parties seem overrated. I think New Years in general is overrated. LOL! However, I am in Melbourne so I decided I would do something. I ended up spending the evening with about 10 other friends from the church I started attending, Bridge Church. My friend Sara decided to have people over for food etc. and her balcony has a fantastic view of the city so we could see the fireworks perfectly.

IMG_6301It was a pretty low-key evening filled with playing UNO (which can get pretty competitive) and just enjoying each others company. IMG_7186We rang in 2015 with sparklers and champagne. The champagne was pink but it didn’t take away from how awful it tasted. LOL! And people wonder why I hardly drink. Haha! But it was a really lovely evening spent with new friends.

I’m taking in some of the world class events that Melbourne has to offer including the Australian Open. Now, I’ll preface the rest of this story by saying I actually don’t like tennis. I think it is one of the more boring sports to watch next to golf. However, my flatmate received tickets from work and asked me  if I wanted to go. I figured it would be good to experience such a renowned event. I must say that after attending the Open I am converted! What an amazing sport and it caIMG_6453n get really exciting at times.  We went on opening day so there were not a lot of high-profile matches but I did see Rafael NadaAustralia 2l play (who is rank in the top five players in the world) and I caught a glimpse of Eugenie Bouchard.


IMG_6454Also! Before I left Canada, my librarian (who was an amazing support to me over my four years at university) put me in contact with a man that her and her husband met on their travels. We had been emailing back and forth when I arrived to Melbourne and he was great to give me tips on things to do and how to get adjusted to life in Australia. Well in our last email exchange he mentioned he would be at the Open on the frist day so we decided to finally meet. We sent this picture back to Canada for my Margy to see 🙂 .


On the job front, I was really struggling this month at my waitressing job. I had some inappropriate comments made to me my two different male customers and I was having some personality clashes with management. I was working close to 40 hours a week and not having any success finding a communications job so I was feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. I came home that day (Wednesday) and just cried, and cried, and cried some more. This was the first real breakdown I had since I moved out here. I have worked on and off in the service industry for more than 10 years (including my teenager years) and I worked so hard to finish my degree, complete internships, volunteered to gain more experience in my field, work at low paying jobs and I’m back waitressing again. In no way do I think I’m above waitressing, I just wanted to start working in a job that I spent so much effort to get to. So during my pity party I chatted with a friend back home and just venting everything out started to change my perspective. One of the first things my friend asked me was “Have you brought this to God?” It made me stop and think and be real about the situation.

Now, it’s my belief that prayer isn’t a way to get what we want. It’s about being in communion and relationship with God. Understanding his perspective and being able to share our struggles, wants, needs and desires trusting that He is working things out for good. When I pray I’m not talking to the air or a being that ‘might’ be listening. He is listening and cares about every little thing going on in my life. This job was an answer to prayer when I literally ran out of money.  I had nothing in the bank and I was ready to start living off of my credit card. Now I have a job that gave me full-time hours and I had money to pay my bills and I having a ‘poor me’ party. That’s not to say I shouldn’t express my issues but I let the negative overshadow the amazing things that have happened since I started working there including:

  • meeting a group of doctors who have been gracious in providing me with medical advice and prescriptions free of charge
  • meeting a woman who needed communications support for her business
  • making some solid connections with the communications and HR department with one of the local municipalities
  • making friends with all the business owners in the area which means I don’t pay for much when I go in to different restaurants and shops (money saver!)
  • sharing my story of coming here which opens up the conversation of Jesus 🙂

That’s only a snapshot. One thing I used to struggle with a  lot (and occasionally do) is that if God gave me an answer to my prayer and it’s not what I think it should look like it’s not an answered prayer. I remember hearing that ‘if you prayed to God and you still feel the same all you did was complain.’  I actually need to be leaving all of my burdens with God because he didn’t create us to carry all of this junk but to live in freedom and trust Him. How good is He?!? It’s crazy how much you mindset will change when you start looking at the good things and thanking God for them. Matthew 11 always comes to mind:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11: 28-30

Sounds easy enough? Not for a a-type person like myself. Anyway! After chatting with my friend and praying, this incredible sense of peace came over me. I got to a point of just trusting Him even if it doesn’t make sense. I know He’s listening and when it’s time to move again I know he’ll let me know.

I believe God is never late! Always on time. I kid you not, two hours later I got a phone call from the first recruiter that I met when I arrived in September. I hadn’t heard from him since but he called because he had a job that he wanted to put my name forward for. He didn’t give too many details but it entailed a lot of writing and editing for external documents and project management. It sounded alright to me so I told him to go ahead and he said he would let me know if I had an interview on Friday. I didn’t think much about it because I was content where I was but I was blown away when I got the call saying that I not only had the job but they were going to by-pass the interview and I started on Monday. My new role is working at the largest university in Australia, Monash University, as a publications officer.

I’m still beaming and I’m looking forward to starting this new chapter of my journey!


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