I’ve reached the three month mark!

Three months – 12 weeks, 90 days or a quarter into my visa. Time is flying by! I can’t believe it will be Christmas in just over a month and then into a new year. Things have been changing for me daily. For someone that likes routine and order this isn’t comfortable; however, I’ve been learning to just take things as they come. It’s quite freeing not to be in control all the time 🙂

To elevate some financial pressure I picked up a waitressing job at a restaurant called Groove Train while I continue hunting for a job in my field. It’s a fusion restaurant so the menu has a little bit of everything. Plus there is a coffee bar so I am able to put my barista skills to use. How did I get this job? Well, a girl I met at Bridge and she just happens to know the owner of the restaurant very well. So during a conversation I mentioned that I

My secret Santa gift at work was cupcakes
My secret Santa gift at work was cupcakes

needed to find something to make some extra money and the next day I was scheduled for my trial shift. I did well enough that they wanted to keep me so I’ve working close to full time hours and I have moved into a manger role. It’s nothing fancy but now I deal with the cash and I can close/open the restaurant. I didn’t realize how fortunate I was to get this position until I witnessed the large amount of people coming in applying for jobs. I bypassed all of that and this job was handed me which I am very grateful for. Waitressing isn’t the ideal job but right now it’s paying my bills and I’ve had some amazing experiences so far (which I will share in another post) that makes being there worth it. Oh! I should add that it is not customary in Australian culture to tip. So I do make a higher wage but it is nothing compared to the money I made it Canada.

I’m still living with my friend Mitch and his girlfriend Marjolien. I hope to find something of my own in the New Year. Ideally I would like to live on my own but I don’t have the means to furnish a place. I can justify buying a bed but I don’t know where I’m going to be in eight months so to find an unfurnished place wouldn’t be the best idea. I would love to still be living in Melbourne but we’ll see.  At this point I don’t have a desire to come back to Canada but I could still be in the honeymoon phase. LOL! I know most of you don’t want to hear that but you can always come visit me here!

I started attending Bridge Church in Richmond which has been phenomenal. It’s a lot bigger than the church I was attending in Calgary but I’m still enjoying it. Plus I’ve connected with some great girls which I have been praying for since I arrived in Melbourne.  The church recently had its Christmas Spectacular which is its annual Christmas musical.

Christmas Spectacular!!
Bec, me, and Meek at Spectacular!

I’ve seen quite a few in my time and this one by far was one of the best. It was so good I went twice. LOL! The second time I brought my friend Bec and she loved it!

Marie and I having tea!

Oh, I have friends!! LOL! The past few weeks have been really busy forging new relationships with people I’m meeting. I’m really happy with all the people I’ve been able to get to know and it feels like my life is semi-normal now.  A girl that I work with named Marie, who is American, is awesome and she just happens to attend Bridge as well. Our first date was at a tea house in the CBD. I think Blake Lively looks like her.

Yup, you read that right. LOL! I can’t wait until I meet Blake to tell her. Haha!

Until next post…

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