The start of a new adventure

I’m sitting in the airport in Los Angeles still processing the fact that I’m here. My belongings have been reduced to two suitcases and three Rubbermaid totes that I left on Calgary. I don’t have a place to live, a job, or enough money in my bank account. I’m less than half way to Melbourne so I could turn around back to familiarity, security and away from the unknown ahead of me. But this year I have persoGoodbye Canadanally experienced the amazing outcomes of what listening to God’s voice can do. Not only in me but being able to touch people when they need it the most. It’s something that words will fail to describe.

So with that I decided to listen.

Back in March I had a thought, “you should work in Australia”. The thought was so out of left field for me that I had to pray through my confusion. So I brought it to God and said, “God, if this is something you want for me and something you’ve called me to do I need you to confirm it.” So my plans, which was to finish work in Fort McMurrary, come back to Calgary and get a full time job, finish school, travel back to Europe and be settled into a routine in Calgary was thrown out the window as this thought manifested into a reality. From people approaching me with random conversations about Australia, a ridiculous flight deal, a alumni from my program willing to mentor me (oh and she lives in Australia) the path was clearly paved. The thing that’s so crazy is that I didn’t tell anyone about this for months. I wanted to get the confirmation right from God and he didn’t disappoint. The challenge? For the first time in myLoved ones life I was happy with where I was. I was happy living in Calgary, I had solid friends, an amazing church family, great job opportunities, the list goes on. These last few weeks week was filled with goodbyes, tears; constant reminders of how incredibly blessed I am with the people in my life. Seriously, sometimes I have to pinch myself. I could see myself settled in Calgary and building on the life I had already created. But now I was faced with a decision to stay comfortable or walk in faith. I chose faith. That’s where the adventures happen anyway.

So who knows what will happen. I could be back in six months or a year. Heck, Australia could be my permanent home! I hope that’s the case. Regardless, I’m just going to keep trusting God through the good times and the challenging times too. I can say with absolute certainty that He’s with me through this next chapter in my life and I can only get excited about what lies ahead.

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