My heart is bursting for so many different reasons!

I have three weeks left until I am back on Calgary soil. Seriously, where has the time gone? I won’t say I’m super excited to leave Fort McMurray but I’m not sad either. One of the challenges about living here is that I never got fully settled into a routine. The apartment I have wasn’t really mine so I just felt like I’ve been staying in a hotel. I’m not complaining! I knew this would be my life coming into this position. I’m just ready to be back in my little apartment 🙂 . Overall work is still good! I am starting to get into the ‘checked out’ mode and some days have been harder than others to make it through. I only have a few more writing pieces to finish and that’s it. I have a feeling my last week will be quite slow.

I made it back to Edmonton a second time for baby Ava’s firstMRW birthday! She’s so precious! It was nice to catch up with Wendy and Marta and then hang out with some of the old Joey girls. Sometimes, only soCobra'smetimes, I really miss that place. I’ve made some lifelong friends and it’s always a riot when we hang out. I also met my friend Meagan’s fiancé Mark! This was a first and they played a role in my next story…

So think back to a moment when someone has surprised you with something that only you could really appreciate because it means so much to you. Can you think of one? If not, sit back and enjoy my story of God surprising me with a present with a little help from my friend Meagan.

So back in August 2013, my sister and I decided that for her birthday we were going to go and see the Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas. So we booked our flights, hotel, and bought our tickets with no issues until I couldn’t shake this anxiety and unsettling feeling about the trip. I don’t know what it was so I prayed about it and I knew I couldn’t go. It didn’t make sense. We got a great deal on flights/hotels and sweet tickets to the show. From experience I know that if God says no even if I can’t see any problems not to rely on my own understanding (Proverbs 3:5 always comes to mind). It ended up being a costly cancellation because the flights were non-refundable. My sister still wanted to go and because I didn’t want to anymore she felt that she shouldn’t have to be on the hook for the flight (this sucked even more). The cost of me canceling the trip was $900, which I still have in flight credits, and I scalped the BSB tickets online and only less than half of what I paid. So yes, I wasn’t very happy but the anxiety left me right after.

Fast forward eight months later, BSB decides that they are going to go on a larger North American tour and they are coming to Edmonton and Calgary! Score! So my sister and I buy tickets. I looked at potentially buying backstage passes but I couldn’t afford them. I was just happy we were going!

I didn’t even think about the passes again. I did mention this to my friend Meagan when I was visiting her and Mark in Edmonton. Mark is currently staying at my place in Calgary doing some extra work to save for their upcoming wedding. I was more than happy to help out! They asked me to think of something they could give me to say thanks and I couldn’t think of anything but I kept telling them I would get back to them. So I get a call this afternoon from Meagan telling me that her and Mark have decided to buy me backstage passes to BSB as a thank you for offering up my home.

I bawled.

It’s probably not for the reason you are thinking. Yes, I love the Backstreet Boys. Meeting them is number one on my bucket list; however the events leading up to this all coming together blew me away.

One thing I struggle with as a Christian is the reality that God isn’t some distant ‘being’ uninterested in the details of my life. He is the opposite. Earlier that morning I had a mini temper tantrum as I was looking at future jobs and I saw one that I got really excited about! This typically doesn’t happen to me and I was just reading the description over and over and thinking “Wow, if only I could get a job like that.” Then doubt just came over me and all I couldn’t think about was how God doesn’t desire to give me things that excites me or makes me happy, rather he will only give me the basics to get by. Not a job that I love and I can use my skills and talents, just a job. Not a little apartment that suits me, just somewhere with a roof over my head. I actually said, “God, I don’t feel like you care about the little things in my life.” Then I get that phone call?!?! I.can’t.even. LOL! Now, I’m not saying that if God doesn’t give me my dream job to a tee (or anything else for that matter) that he’s holding out on me. I’m saying that God cares about the details in your life, your dreams, passions, and goals. Heck, He created us! So as trivial as this may be on the grand scheme of things, meeting the BSB was something I’ve always wanted to do and something my sister and I have shared for years. God loves to bless his kids! Don’t ever think that he doesn’t care about the details. He does! i think this situation shows more about his character than anything else. Just keep in communion with him and watch his fingerprints all over your life. I couldn’t imagine a better outcome! God knows what he’s doing. You just have to trust Him even when it doesn’t make sense.

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