Backstreet Boys, I’m coming for you.

Excuse me as I revert back to my 11 year old self.






I love BSB and I don’t care if people think it’s weird. I’ve wanted to see them in concert since I was 11 and heard the song “Get Down”. I was able to see them when they went on tour with New Kids On The Block in 2012 but there was only four members of BSB performing. They have all reunited again and I am so excited to see them in Edmonton!! The number one item on my bucket list is to meet the group so I have already started planning a way to “run into them”. LOL! I can’t afford the meet & greet tickets so I have to get creative.

I’m going to the concert with my sister since we love the boys so much. She has a broken ankle right now so hopefully she’ll be in a boot by May 17. There will be a lot of dancing, singing, and I’m going to need a boost to climb on stage so I need my sister to be decently healthy.

Oh my goodness! Only 58 more days to go!!

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