I finally touched Olympic gold!

I accepted the fact that I would never go to the Olympics for sprinting or anything else athletic; however I did have plans to wear an Olympic gold medal at some point in my life. Today, that plan came into fruition.

It has been a crazy week at Syncrude preparing for the highly anticipated The National, Grand Slam of Curling. The tournament kicks off on March 13 and features 18 international curling teams including the 2014 Olympic gold medalist Brad Jacobs and his team Ryan Fry, Ryan Harnden and E.J Harnden.


I was fortunate enough to go with the team on a tour of the Syncrude site.  The team was very gracious to not only pose in pictures with the Syncrude staff but take pictures of employees with the team’s gold medals. photo(9)It was really refreshing to see this kind of humility from a team that had every right to be pompous or have a sense of entitlement.  The label of “Olympic gold medalists” does carry some bragging rights. Perhaps the humility stems from the fact that all four of these athletes have to work full-time during the Olympics whereas many athletes just have to worry about training between Olympic Games.

randiemedalphoto 4sFrom balancing work, families, training, competing, and meeting their Canadian fans, these guys do it all with a smile.  I know I was only with them for a few hours but I got a good vibe from them.   They were an absolute pleasure to be around plus E.J let me wear his medal on the bus ride back. LOL! I wish these guys nothing but the best and hope to see them back to defend the title of Olympic gold medalists at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

I’m looking forward to watching some good curling this weekend. All the games will be broadcast live on Sportsnet. If you have time you should check it out!

Hopefully I’ll be able to catch these guys in Calgary one day!

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